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  Okay, well since you have taken time to visit my site, it seems only right to say a bit about me, past to present, as well as my hopes for my future in art, design and photography.

  Within the next section I will go into more detail of my history in art and photography, how I started out and  what really got me in to what I do. But first I'll say a bit more about me in general.

  Born Clair Louise Bennett, on the 22nd of April 1987, I spent my early days in a little town within the Ayrshire coast. Coming from Italian and Austrian heritage,  my father a full Scot, my mother Italian Scot/Austrian, I suppose I couldn't ever say I was 100% Scottish blood even though I was born and bred here.  My Italian heritage however originates from my great grandmother, born in Italy , she remained there until her 20's where she vacated to Klagenfurt, Austria, this is where she met her husband and raised her family, this is where my gran lived out her youth,  until her early 20's when she fell in love with a British soldier, she was to eventually move to Britain being unable to speak any English, learning as she went, this is where  they married and raised a family in Scotland within a other Italian/Austrian household, my mother being the only child they had, spent her life in Ayrshire where she was to marry and have me.

  As an only child,  my parents moved me around Ayrshire once or twice in my first few years of life, until settling down in South Ayrshire permanently. I spent my childhood and my teens, into adulthood here, although boring at times I always found myself near the beach, the Scottish seaside went ahead to play a big role in my childhood. Here is where I first was to discover my creative side, and grow with my ideas.

 I still reside within the Ayrshire coast today, I hope to one day move into the city or possibly buy a property in a other country. Wherever I may go though, Ayrshire will always be called home.


  Below I have added some photos of me growing up, as well as some vintage snaps of family etc..  they are not really in any specific order.. but I hope they are viewable.



Me as a newborn baby.

Me a few months old.

Me a few years old..

Me a few years old.

Me as a baby with parent,other great gran

5 years old; w snake

high school photo

Me at around 5 years.

My gran with my mother as a child.

My mum as a baby.

My gran in her home town back in Austria.

My great gran.

Me aged 4

My dad- early photographer years

My great grandparents, with my gran front right.

school photo